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Great Neck Water Damage Tools and Approaches

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Day or night, SERVPRO is always on call to handle your water damage emergencies in Great Neck!

SERVPRO Helps Quickly After Water Damage

The water restoration process requires several actions to return the damaged property to its original condition. Our professionals are among the most heavily trained and educated as WRT-certified technicians through the IICRC and strictly adhering to the recognized standards of ANSI regulations for:

  • Water removal
  • Drying
  • Content cleaning
  • Structural repair
  • Mold prevention
  • Deodorization

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster – this is more than a slogan to our team for Great Neck water damage incidents. It is a commitment we uphold every day through every project that we begin or continue through completion. We want customers to understand that they are the priority, and our objective is to return to normal living conditions as swiftly as possible. Proper restoration involves multiple focuses by our responding team.

Priorities of Water Damage Restoration

Our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington team must prioritize several restorative and mitigative actions beginning as soon as our response team arrives. With a consistent and focused progression through these phases, we can return properties to their preloss condition in reasonable timelines:


Water removal services are a critical element of the mitigation process. Any standing water concerns become threatening presences to the exposed building materials involved, especially porous construction like carpets, drywall, and more. Pooling can be removed using several devices from our inventory, ranging in selected use by the depth of the damage and where trapped water exists. This can include:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands


Drying is a necessary element of every water restoration process. Removing moisture is vital to the recovery of a household because lingering damp pockets and water caches in wall systems or on surface materials can support secondary damages like mold development or structural degradation. Evaporation and moisture content removal involves several specific devices from our stock, including:

  • Air Movers

These machines introduce focused airflow across moist surfaces and within damp environments. There are several types capable of managing specific conditions like low-profile centrifugal options.

  • Heating Units

Warming materials and the drying areas help amplify the production of evaporation and other needed chemical processes used for moisture removal, cleaning, and deodorization.

  • Dehumidifiers

Evaporation increases water vapor in the environment, requiring several dehumidification units to be placed on the property to help. These machines act through condensation and absorption to lower humidity to acceptable parameters.

  • Drying Mats

Trapped water in materials like hardwood and engineered wood flooring requires special drying tools to remove moisture through capillary suction.

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning up after a water damage issue involves the elimination of residues, microbes, and bacteria that might form on surfaces after prolonged water exposure. We must also present a suitable solution for deep cleaning carpeting throughout a property, as these fibrous flooring options can be heavily soiled.

Mold Prevention

Moisture continues to more than the destruction of exposed building materials. Damp conditions facilitate mold colonization and organism growth. There are early actions to be taken to help reduce, remove, and remediate mold damage, such as:

  • Antimicrobial Products – Sporicidal and biocide sprays and solutions eradicate mold organisms and spores on contact.
  • Managing Moisture – SERVPRO works to ensure water damage is resolved quickly to prevent lingering moisture that facilitates growth. We can also rebuild and repair vulnerabilities that allow recurring water infiltration.
  • Third-Party Inspections and Testing – Third-party professionals can inspect and document impacted areas to identify if mold exists and the appropriate response of remediation professionals like our team to help.

Great Neck water damage incidents require fast and deliberate actions from trained professionals like our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington team. We are ready to help 24/7 at (516) 767-9600.

The Great Neck Fire Damage Restoration Timeline

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Great Neck property owners breathe a sigh of relief when SERVPRO arrives for fire damage cleanup and restoration.

SERVPRO Works Fast to Mitigate Fire Damage

From electrical accidents to grease fires, the causes of these disasters are widespread and ultimately need several steps to mitigate and restore. SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington has a fast response to these emergencies, incorporating multiple vehicles from our fleet stocked with needed equipment. We can rapidly focus our efforts on mitigation and emergency services to protect the property.

Emergency Services After Fire Damage

Fire damage to Great Neck homes requires fast and intentional actions taken as early as possible. Once the fire gets extinguished, professionals like ours must begin the required restoration and recovery steps to overcome the most pressing structural and safety concerns. One of the practical actions of this process is removing the debris and bulk materials damaged by widespread combustion and smoke damage.

What Must Be Done After Fire Damage?

It is crucial to identify the full extent of the damage to your household or business after the disaster. Widespread effects could exist, especially at the ignition points. Production management, our most experienced field team members, walk through the property and catalog loss and begin forming the restoration plan to come. Early efforts for recovery include steps to make the property safe for technicians and house occupants alike.

Making the Environment Safe

A safer workspace for technicians involves several necessary steps to protect the exposed structural elements, environments, and responding team members. Much of the dangers have to do with circulating airborne particles such as smoke solids and soot, which can be avoided with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Our team can overcome these airborne threats with well-placed HEPA 500 air scrubbers and hydroxyl machines.

Cleaning Surfaces and Contents

Soot management is a considerable concern, as these particles can cause additional damage. Cleaning should be carefully considered to prevent more particles from becoming airborne and protect the underlying substrate affected by the smoke solids and soils heaping up on horizontal surfaces.

Managing Offensive Fire Damage Malodors

Odors are a common concern for those contending with fire loss events. Combustion impacts hundreds of materials throughout a household, many of which can generate offensive malodors. Strong smells become a formidable obstacle in restoration, so our professionals respond with the deodorization products and equipment available in our supply.

What Makes SERVPRO a Top Choice?

There are no shortages of restoration companies, but few have the accolades and acknowledgments that our SERVPRO team does from the parent brand, former customers, and the insurance providers in the area that allowed us to become a preferred vendor. Choosing our roster is a conscious decision for:

  • Experience – With training and coursework through the IICRC and continued education in-house for our technicians, few have the hands-on experience and knowledge of industry standards like our SERVPRO fire recovery professionals.
  • Leading Equipment – We continue to pour our resources into the equipment, machines, products, and tools needed to complete facets of fire recovery and restoration services. Cutting-edge gear makes restoration happen at a faster rate.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Few parent companies emphasize the customer like SERVPRO. Each franchise focuses on the needed steps to keep homeowners comfortable during fire restoration services and answer any occupants' questions.

Great Neck fire damage events require the top trained professionals of our roster to deploy cutting-edge equipment and technologies to help. Our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington team works fast to get your house back to normal after disasters like fires. Give us a call today at (516) 767-9600.

Great Neck Mold Damage Remediation Solutions

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every mold remediation project in Great Neck. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO Uses Many Mold Damage Removal Techniques

SERVPRO professionals lead Nassau County in mold remediation and subsequent cleanup and repairs. Because mold can form so readily in the moist environments common to Long Island, it is a situation that many structures must face in their lifetimes. Property owners look to the expertise of our accredited technicians because we are:

  • AMRT-Certified
  • Experienced
  • Fast-Responding
  • Empathetic

Starting the cleanup and remediation of mold damage in Great Neck homes and businesses should begin as soon as possible. We understand the urgency of these scenarios and have enough trained AMRT specialists to dispatch required personnel 24/7 when threats arise and impact your property.

Evaluating the Extent of the Damage

We adhere to strict New York regulations regarding handling potential mold situations, the disposal of impacted materials, and the repairs and reconstruction necessary after recovery. This process begins with a third-party mold inspection team determining the severity of mold colonization in your home. Their recommendations on how to proceed then get passed to our SERVPRO professionals. We provide honest results that independent hygienists can test.

Types of Mold Damage Remediation

Because many types of mold can impact multiple kinds of hosting materials, there is no set solution for removal and remediation. We determine results from several factors like the severity of the damage, location, and the impacted elements. Some of the standard options considered include:

  • Surface Products

Our technicians' initial option is applying biocides such as chlorines to the organism. These products are often able to kill microbes on contact. This is only effective when the damage has not moved beyond the outermost layer of the impacted surface

  • Abrasive Mechanical Action

Removing mold growth from the surface is often more than applying sporicidal products to the organism. Combining these efforts with sanding, steel wool, and other abrasive scrubbing helps amplify antimicrobial solutions.

  • Media Blasting

Using forms of media like crushed walnuts, sodium bicarbonate, and other abrasives combined with pressurized air, SERVPRO professionals can eradicate active colonies without immensely damaging the affected substrate.

  • Controlled Demolition

This is one of the final remediation measures but an effective strategy in removing active colonies and the impacted hosting material. Our license allows us to complete this work without requiring a secondary company.

Does Mold Damage Die-Off Naturally?

Combating misinformation about mold is one of the most challenging steps our SERVPRO AMRT-Certified remediators face. If microbial growth is left unchallenged, it can continue to spread and impact more of a residence until the situation is out of control.

When Are Mold Damage Repairs Needed?

Repairs are more of a common need for remediation than it might initially seem. The most definitive method of mold removal is controlled demolition, and while this is often a last resort compared to restorative measures, it comes with the need for build-back services. As a trusted team with a general contractor license, our SERVPRO professionals provide a full-service solution for post-mold recovery.

Mold damage in Great Neck homes and businesses should be handled more urgently than most property owners often show. As leading remediators for the area, we appreciate the necessary actions to protect a residence and its contents from irreparable damage. Give our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington rapid responders a call now at (516) 767-9600.

Mold Removal in Great Neck Ceiling Assemblies Requires Proper Drying

12/12/2022 (Permalink)

Trapped water in ceilings can lead to mold damage. Our IICRC trained team is always on call to remediate to the damage.

Remediating Mold Growth in Great Neck Ceilings

Water trapped within the ceiling and wall assemblies in buildings could be retained for an extended period as these assemblies directly impede airflow, consequently slowing the drying rate. The studs, plates, firestops, and drywall form sealed pockets within the structure, thus limiting air movement. Therefore, the possibility for a mold infestation rises since moisture and warmth are present.

Proper mold removal in your Great Neck home requires professional intervention. A small patch of colonies on the underside of your ceiling can signify significant colonization on the other side. If the small patch on the bottom is removed, but the rest is not dealt with, it simply grows back. Professionals such as SERVPRO can identify the presence of mold in such areas and advise on the right approach to prevent a comeback.

Signs of Mold on The Ceiling:

  • Brown or gray discoloration
  • A musty odor
  • Visible mold growth, mostly dark green, brown, or black

How to Clean Ceiling Mold:

Professionals may face unique challenges when handling an infestation in the ceiling area, particularly in specialized building sections. For example, while a dedicated home theater room may be entertaining to a homeowner, it presents difficulties when there is an infestation due to the soundproofing materials used in the walls or ceiling. Or IICRC trained SERVPRO team checks a ceiling area for insulating material and whether it is salvageable.

Helpful Tools When Inspecting for Mold

  • The borescope help explore concealed areas
  • Thermal cameras reveal hidden moisture
  • Hard tools like screwdrivers to probe surfaces

Removing the ceiling material can introduce a tremendous amount of mold spores into the indoor air; thus, containment is necessary. Mechanical drying techniques, such as dehumidification and air moving, are essential since air currents exponentially improve evaporation and drying. However, this ought to be done sparingly to avoid spreading debris.

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington helps to identify the right corrective actions for mold removal in your home. Call us at (516) 767-9600. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Hiring Pro Flood Damage Repair After Great Neck Storms

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington is here for you.

SERVPRO is Here 24/7 for Great Neck Properties with Flood Damage

You have plenty to remember daily as a homeowner, but you should also have a checklist of what to do in a weather-related emergency. Should your home encounter flood damage after recent storms in the Great Neck area, being prepared will help to cut down stress and eventual costs with restoration. Calling SERVPRO for emergency response and water removal services helps you recover faster and safer than any DIY cleanup method ever could. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. 

Countless US homeowners get impacted by flooding each year, generating billions in repair costs and damage. If your Great Neck property suffers from flood damage, timing is everything. SERVPRO arrives fast and gets to work as soon as possible to limit contamination, thwart the onset of mold, and salvage your belongings and interior building materials. 

What do I need to remember if I have flooding in my home?

  • DIY methods leave your home vulnerable to hidden moisture, which translates into possible mold hazards, costly secondary damage, and structural concerns. 
  • Wood, rugs, drywall, furnishings, and other porous items become saturated with floodwater fast.
  • Most floodwaters entering your interior will have various contaminants like vermin, feces, chemicals, silt, and more. It is best to have skilled restoration technicians handle containment, muck-out services, and water removals.

Our Green Fleet

SERVPRO arrives prepared at each flood damage project with truck-mounted extractors, drying equipment, dehumidifiers, and specialized cleaning agents. If your property suffered storm damage like a leaking roof, broken windows, and more, we also perform board-up and tarping services to protect your interior from the elements. Our crew also looks for hidden moisture throughout the project with the help of:

  • Moisture detectors, sensors, and meters
  • Borescopes
  • Thermal imaging/infrared technology

No flooding event is too big for SERVPRO to handle. Call our team at SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington at (516) 767-9600. We can send a crew out quickly to begin the repair and restoration process.

A Fire Has Destroyed Various Parts of My Manhasset Property. Where Should I Seek Help to Restore it?

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO gives you access to expertly trained fire remediation specialists that put vast resources and years of experience to work for you.

Hire SERVPRO Technicians in Manhasset to Handle the Fire Damage on Your Property.

After a fire, what follows can overwhelm property owners. However, taking action immediately by working with fire restoration professionals can halt further damage in your Manhasset home. SERVPRO professionals have the skills and expertise to restore homes after fire loss incidents of any size or scope.

How Can I Help in the Restoration Process?

Most homeowners might want to begin the restoration process and do what they can to make it efficient. However, handling fire damage in your Manhasset property using household cleaning agents can worsen the situation. You may smear the residues and cause them to seep further into the affected surfaces.

Therefore, it is essential to wait for restoration experts to handle the restoration process. We have the proper equipment, tools, resources, and products to restore building materials and items safely. You can help in the restoration process by setting salvageable items aside. That can enable our technicians to be more efficient during recovery.

Do I Need Professional Restorers After a Small Fire?

Regardless of the size of the fire, cleaning the smoke and soot residues is difficult without proper skills and equipment. Small fires can cause significant damage in a short while and leave persisting odor if not cleaned effectively. Also, soot and smoke residues can leave permanent damage if ignored for over 48 hours. SERVPRO’s team of technicians has decades of experience that help us restore homes in a brief period.

Do I Have to Move Out During Restoration?

This decision depends on the severity of the damage. If we find out that the structure is not stable, you should move out temporarily. However, if the fire only affected a small portion of the house, you can stay.

Which Items Should I Take When Moving Out?

We advise our customers to take personal or valuable items with them when moving out. They include items like:

  •   Personal documents
  •   Medications
  •   Family valuables and artwork
  •   Cash and credit cards

How do you Clean Smoke and Soot on Furniture and Shelves?

Furniture and shelves can be challenging to clean. However, our technicians can use mild detergents such as wood oil soap that do not contain harsh alkalis. We can use concentrated wood oil soap to clean your finished wood surfaces. We can apply the product to the no-wax floor finishes, leather, ceramic tile, countertops, and walls. After cleaning, we can polish the surfaces using an all-purpose wax polish. We can use furniture polish on your kitchen cabinets and furniture to provide more luster, shine, and protection.

Do not expose your family to the secondary damage of a fire. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington today at (516) 767-9600 to restore your property quickly. We can make the fire loss appear “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration of a Charred Roller Rink in Great Neck

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington understands how important your business is. Let us help you out.

Arson or Smoking Leads to Fire Damage Restoration

Fire leaves structures of all sizes in need of fire damage restoration. Otherwise, businesses in Great Neck would sustain severe losses with a regular frequency. SERVPRO handles the cleanup and the rebuilding involved in a thorough restoration process. We scale our services to our customers’ precise situations, eliminating unnecessary procedures and costs.

Roller rinks are a long-standing icon that provides area youth with entertainment and exercise in an affordable way. When a rink gets fire damaged in Great Neck, fire damage restoration crews can reduce the time your facility can’t operate. SERVPRO’s crews know how to provide excellent results and make everything “Like it never even happened.” 

Our crew wants to help you take a damaged area that looks hopeless and make it functional again with fire damage restoration work. We look at:

  • Sheet metal fabrications,
  • The ventilation system, and
  • Open spaces and lounges.

Lockers are almost as crucial as bathroom stalls, but intense heat can cause these to warp. Paint can also bubble and require sanding and reapplication. We work with you to keep replacements down and restore the rest. 

Getting all the soot out of your building is a must before reopening. Patrons do not want to smell foul scents nor breathe in soot particles. We clean HVAC systems and ensure they are now spreading soot and other particles. We set up air scrubbers to pull soot from the air, also. Thermal fogging can significantly eliminate the amount of soot released as it breaks down.

Skaters expect to have clean floors, and we can help. Carpet cleaning is an essential service, but we also perform sanding and buffing hard flooring. Our general contracting team can also help rebuild any damaged areas in any concrete section of flooring. Painting and rebuilding wooden structures are all part of how we help other businesses keep their doors open. 

Rink owners and managers can call SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600 to get started with jobs ranging from smoke cleanup to entire building reconstruction.

How Can I Remove Water Trapped Behind My Manhasset Fireplace Built-In Bookcases?

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Count on the expertise of SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington to solve challenging water damage scenarios.

Research-Based Strategies at the Heart of Remediating Water Damage in Your Manhasset Home

Elegant, historic homes line the streets and estates in Manhasset, many featuring at least one fireplace framed by integrated bookcases and other beautiful woodwork. If the flashing, masonry, or brickwork around the top of the fireplace’s chimney develops leaking, the water can affect all building materials and fixtures below. Professional water removal and structural drying are a must to retain the integrity of your home.

My Books Are Wet! What Happened?

Water damage to Manhasset’s built-in shelves and bookcases is unexpected but always has a source, sometimes far away from the wet objects. Leaky roofs send water on rambling pathways through your home, and leaks near a chimney can permit moisture to percolate down several stories. You might hear dripping in the firebox or the lovely cabinets guarding each side of the fireplace absorb moisture. Books, china, and knick-knacks can all become wet while you scratch your head, trying to figure out why.

Are SERVPRO Crews Experienced in Chimney Leaking and Water Migration?

Our crew members master a comprehensive catalog of research-based best practices through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). SERVPRO is proficient at testing for water migration from the original leak to indirect damage or damage “upstream” to the leak. We use thermal imaging and moisture detectors and meters to map out the contours of the water incursion and gather data on where to focus extraction and structural drying.

How Do You Reach the Trapped Moisture that Is Damaging Fixtures and Personal Possessions?

Technicians look at the construction of the built-in shelving and cabinets, seeking the least disruptive way to remove toe kicks or baseboards to gain access to the interior. Often this shelving has bead-board as a backing which can be pried out to release water and allow for dry, warm air to reach wet materials to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. We try multiple approaches until one works.

Count on the expertise of SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington to solve challenging water damage scenarios. Call (516) 767-9600 to schedule an assessment and planning session.

Your Home in Need of Mitigation from Structural or Cosmetic Damage? SERVPRO Provides Professional Remediation

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

When mold appears on your property, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO.

Great Neck Homeowners Rely Upon SERVPRO for Comprehensive Property Damage Cleanup, Restoration, and Repair

Restoration services are not something that Great Neck residences need every day, but having a reliable team of professionals to call 24/7 can make a difference in an emergency. From water and fire losses to mold and storm damage, we have qualified technicians trained to give you a positive and efficient response to your situation. In addition to remedial actions after loss incidents, we also have a full-service team of contractors to perform controlled demolition, emergency services, and full-scale reconstruction after our mitigation approach.


Inadequate management of water loss and flooding situations can lead to mold damage in Great Neck homes. These situations can also develop when humidity levels get above an acceptable threshold in the house, as well. From the time that this organism first gets discovered in your residence, the active spores are already reaching out for new host materials and spreading the threat to nearby surfaces. Assessing this migration and establishing a defense against it is one of our top priorities upon arrival. Remediation is unsuccessful when all of the active colonization does not get addressed.

Containment is a vital part of this process, as it can prevent the spread of these active spores and immediately convert the sealed area into a space our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) can regulate. We can monitor air flow, filtration, drying efforts, and other factors that can reduce the severity of mold effects so that we can determine if controlled demolition is necessary for this damaged area of your Great Neck house.

We have a full-service team of general contractors that can remove wood, drywall, carpeting, and other susceptible materials. We assess the costs and time involved in other remediation strategies like soda blasting, sanding, the application of antimicrobial agents, and more before deciding on demolition. We use a combination of nearly all of these approaches to managing the microbial threat in Great Neck residences.


Water loss incidents provide a quickly escalating damage situation for Great Neck homes that demand immediate attention. Even in the early scoping stages, where our management team works with customers to determine loss and pre-existing conditions, we must implement advanced tools and technologies to get readings throughout the property. We have moisture monitoring equipment capable of determining both the concentration and the location of dampness to establish the appropriate response to the migrating effects. This information is vital to prevent the water loss situation from getting worse.

From this initial scoping phase through every step of the restoration and potential reconstruction, our SERVPRO professionals document the drying and recovery process through our brand-specific DryBook software. This application can detail atmospheric conditions and the severity of water saturation through every affected portion of the house. This baseline for moisture content can help our team to gauge successes in drying and restoration while we work in Great Neck homes.

Through the manipulation of environmental conditions, we can increase the output and efficiency of our drying machines. We can regulate the temperature of a water-damaged space, the airflow through this portion of the property, and the placement and frequency of air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity that can slow the drying process. No matter how severe or widespread water damage in Great Neck homes might be, we can help.


One of the best reasons for our 24/7 availability is our faster response to provide emergency services in Great Neck homes after a fire loss. The purpose of these initial actions is to limit the continued destructive damages that can spread after extinguishment, including the migration of soot and smoke residues and the severity of noxious odors that can infiltrate construction materials and contents. We can utilize controlled demolition, advanced surface cleaning techniques, and preliminary deodorization to reduce the severity of conditions that allow for more straightforward mitigation and restoration work to follow.

We can take early action to protect your personal belongings from the threat of soot and smoke effects is to remove them with our pack-out process. Our content management team can oversee the safe packing and transport of lightly damaged or at-risk possessions to our nearby facility for focused cleaning, deodorization, and storage. We can prepare days in advance for their return to your Great Neck home after fire restoration to ensure that each removed item gets returned to its proper location.

Controlled demolition can help with soot residues and smoke odors, as this cuts into the restoration time when the materials are too severely affected to save. When installed elements can get cleaned and deodorized, we have advanced recovery solutions, from soda blasting and chemical sponges for soot to thermal fogging and hydroxyl generators for odors. We have the experience and equipment to help you through even challenging fire loss situations in Great Neck residences.


Waiting for any recovery project is ill-advised, especially when your home has suffered from severe weather systems. In Great Neck, powerful storms can move quickly through the area, causing structural vulnerabilities that water and runoff from the storms can use to get inside the property. Our SERVPRO professionals have dedicated restoration services ready to mobilize 24/7 because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. The emergency building services we can provide can stop the intrusion of floodwater so that our team can effectively deploy mitigation strategies to begin drying the house.

Though we have fast extraction solutions, including dedicated electric submersible pumps and self-priming trash pumps for continual water removal, we also have advanced drying techniques designed to protect the belongings of your Great Neck home amid flooding. Standing water can be devastating to essential documents, books, and records. Still, our freeze-drying technology can help to preserve these items on-site.

We focus on reducing loss during flood damage to Great Neck homes, which can often start with the movement of at-risk contents. Our technicians can store some undamaged belongings on-site in a dry area, while others must get packed up and transported to our nearby facility for drying, deodorization, disinfection, and storage in our climate-controlled facility.

No matter what threat your home faces, you can count on the experience of our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington team. We can arrive quickly to help make loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (516) 767-9600.

Storms Can Bring Unwanted Water to Manhasset Properties--Swift Removal by SERVPRO Mitigates the Damages

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Team SERVPRO can help with many aspects of the storm damage that affected your home including providing information for the insurance company.

Preparing for Flood Recovery in Your Manhasset Home

Because so many decisions can shape the speed and efficiency of professional flood restoration efforts in Manhasset homes, we rarely begin full-scale mitigation without a thorough assessment of a property and its damages. We always provide our customers with a detailed plan of attack. Our project manager and crew chief work alongside customers and possibly insurance providers to determine how extensive and severe water loss has become.

Part of the scoping process takes shape around the presence of moisture and standing water. To address flood damage in Manhasset homes, there are necessary steps our SERVPRO technicians must take. We notate the concentration and positioning of floodwater beyond the surface damage. Our estimator utilizes detection tools like probing moisture meters, infrared thermography, and other advanced technologies. Each potential problem gets documented of what to address when proper mitigation and restoration work starts.

Exclusive software allows SERVPRO to organize better information we collect about the floodwater during the initial inspection and assessment. Environmental and atmospheric readings get recorded in a pre-job log. These readings set the bar for the success of later drying and moisture removal efforts. Establishing baselines ensures when we reach targeted goals, the structure dries to standard levels. Our documentation also notes areas of the house that were damaged before the flooding occurred. That way, technicians can focus on returning the property to preloss conditions.

One of the most significant preparation measures we take is coordinating efforts with your insurance company. While not all residents have flood insurance, the preliminary cleaning and emergency services provided by our team may be covered under your general policy headings. We communicate directly with your provider to keep restoration costs as low as possible before work officially begins. Though we are not in the insurance industry, we interface with adjusters to help simplify claim forms.

Several steps are in place to offer our customers the most efficient and well-designed flood restoration possible for their individual property. No matter when these losses occur, our SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington team tries to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us anytime at (516) 767-9600.