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Managing the Risks of Flood Damage in Great Neck

2/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Inside a home We understand how seriously flood water can impact your property.. No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

SERVPRO Helps Great Neck Property Owners Manage Direct and Secondary Risks

Flooding after storm incidents is associated with various risks, including immediate damage to the structure or contents and heavy contamination. However, the passage of time can create secondary issues, compounding the risk to occupants or the people doing the restoration. 

Proper management of a flood damage site in Great Neck helps mitigate various risks if done correctly. Appropriate moisture management is one of the primary ways to minimize secondary risks from flooding. For instance, it is easier to curtail mold growth through moisture management. Drying wet floor surfaces also helps minimize the chances of slip and fall accidents.

SERVPRO takes different steps to manage flooding loss sites, including

  • Creating physical barriers by boarding up openings
  • Setting up warning signs indicating hazards such as slippery floors
  • Spraying EPA registered disinfectants directly into the water pooling in the house

By limiting access to affected areas and using chemical agents such as phenols and quaternaries to destroy up to 99% of microorganisms, we can maintain safety at the loss site. 

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington has qualified technicians who can help you address any issues that arise after flood damage. Call us at (516) 767-9600 to help.

Do Building Materials Influence the Outcome of Water Mitigation?

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in driveway of home SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a water catastrophe. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO's Superior Understanding of Materials Helps When Restoring Roslyn Properties

When moisture accumulates in unwanted areas of your home, there is a need to take steps to remedy the situation. The outcome mainly depends on the kind of remedial measures taken and the timing of such actions. However, the type of materials that make up the structure might also be impacted.

Diverse characteristics of building materials can influence the water mitigation processes Roslyn properties require or the outcome when standard remedial procedures are applied. For instance, if a building has a significant percentage of porous materials, moisture is likely to spread further. The good thing is that such materials release moisture fast, so drying processes are likely to bear fruit faster. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate your property to establish:

  • The permeance factor in most materials
  • Whether there are hygroscopic materials
  • The equilibrium moisture content of wooden materials in the structure

The information helps determine the level of drying necessary to achieve standard dryness. For wood materials, the moisture content should be around 7.7% to 11% if the relative humidity inside the house is about 40% to 60%. In the case of hygroscopic materials that absorb moisture from the air, our SERVPRO technicians strive for balanced evaporation and dehumidification during drying.

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington handles water mitigation conveniently. Call us at (516) 767-9600.

How likely is Business Recovery after Flood Damage?

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle and driver SERVPRO works to provide Fast and Efficient Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration to Your Commercial Property.

SERVPRO Handles All Restoration Aspects to Help Great Neck Businesses after Flooding

Many who have visited or lived in Great Neck love it's easy commute to Manhattan. This convenience can be attributed to its train station, which also serves as a hub for Nassau Inter-County Express buses. Great Neck Village is part of North Hempstead town, Nassau County in Los Angeles. The term Great Neck is also used to refer to the entire north shore peninsula and the area extending to Lake Success. 

Mattinecock Native Americans originally inhabited the area before the English, and the Dutch settlers arrived in the mid-17th century. They primarily relied on fishing and trading with others for their sustenance. They even named the area Menhaden-Ock because of the significant supply of fish in the area. The name later evolved to Madman's Neck when pilgrims landed in Saddle Rock before settling on the name Great Neck. 

After the arrival of European settlers, farming was introduced in the area. The settlers planted crops and kept animals such as cattle. In the late 1800s, the area started transforming into a commuter town after the establishment of the New York and Flushing Railroad.

Areas of Interest in Great Neck

Apart from the transportation convenience, there are other fascinating aspects of the area, including landmarks, parks, museums, and eateries. The most notable ones include:

  • Sands Point Preserve Conservancy

The 216-acre park has a significant outdoor space with scenic trails and direct access to the beach and historic mansions. It preserves the grandeur and elegance which defined the Gold Coast years of the early 20th century when affluent Americans built mansions on massive estates that mostly served as their summer retreats. The conservancy offers year-round cultural and educational programs, mansion tours, seasonal celebrations, and fitness activities.

  • Manorhaven Beach Park

The park offers easy access to the beach along Manhasset Bay. It also has several outdoor activity resources, including a community pool with water slides, playgrounds, and athletic fields. There are also covered areas that are perfect for family activities, such as picnics.

  • Village Green Park

The perfectly landscaped park offers convenient green spaces for general relaxation or for kids to play. For art lovers, the tree-made totems by the artist Ken Packie are a real gem. 

  • Pump It Up Great Neck

The children's amusement center is great for events such as birthdays. It offers various inflatable resources for kids' entertainment. Apart from hosting birthday parties, kids can also enjoy group outings, open jump sessions, and other kid-focused events.

How SERVPRO Helps Businesses Recover from Flooding Incidents

Flooding causes many damages and disruptions, whether it affects an amusement joint or regular business premises. If not correctly handled, such incidents cause many businesses to close down. Seeking assistance from a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO is one way to guarantee a positive outcome.

SERVPRO effectively handles the human, technical aspects of the restoration easing the burden for the business owner. For instance, we provide highly trained technicians who have a better understanding of the flooding incident's implications. For example, our technicians know that if no action is taken within 48 hours, mold is likely to develop, complicating the problem further. Some of the benefits of using our restoration teams include:

  • Faster extraction of standing water
  • Thorough cleaning of the premises using mechanical and chemical resources
  • Proper deodorization to eliminate all odors

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington has sufficient experience handling flood damage restoration. Call us at (516) 767-9600 for immediate assistance.

Winter Water Sports in Great Neck Take Place from February Onwards

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

servpro box truck parked in front of brick unit SERVPRO box trucks are stocked with fire damage equipment mitigation to quickly restore your Great Neck property

Great Neck's Waterways are an Excellent Place to Pickup a New Skill this Winter

Two bodies of water surround Great Neck. The Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side of Long Island provides waves and beaches, while the western Long Island Sound is ideal for windsurfing and jet-skiing. Watersports NYC is located on Stepping Stone park providing residents and visitors with both the equipment and training they need. The instructors are knowledgeable of the surrounding area and are qualified to teach from beginner through to advanced levels. Flyboarding is among the specialties here, which is a relatively new water sport invented in 2012. The equipment uses hydro jets to push riders above the water. While it may look complicated, the learning time is around five to ten minutes to get a fundamental skill requisite. The local independent company supports group bookings, gift bookings, and individuals.

  • Stepping Stone Park is located on the Northern Shore of Long Island.
  • Flyboarding instructors have both safety and technical training certificates.
  • Bookings can be made online or through their website.

A house fire can cause significant deteriorating damage to your home and contents. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 494-3869.

Boat Tours to Manhasset Lighthouse Resume this January

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Tours to the Stepping Stone Lighthouse to Experience a Unique Piece of Manhasset History

The Stepping Stone Lighthouse on Manhasset Bay first opened in 1877 and is a fantastic example of the Victorian architecture that was once common-place on the North Shore. The lighthouse, which sits between Great Neck and City Island, is opening up for public tours for the first time, with members of the Long Island Historical Society providing an in-depth explanation and account of its history. Tours leave from the Stepping Stone pier and provide glimpses of the famous Gold Coast Mansions that are a feature of the region. Each time lasts around seventy-five minutes, covering King's Point, Forts Skyler, and Totten before passing by the famous lighthouse. Efforts to restore the structure are underway, with the estimated restoration costs expected to be around $4 million.

The tour services are run non-profit by the Long Island Historical Society.

Departures are available both morning and afternoon.

Fundraising for restorations is being gathered through sponsorship and local government efforts.

A water intrusion event can have a lasting impact on your property. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516)494-3869.

Manhasset Residents Use Licensed Restoration Professionals to Recover their Belongings after Flooding

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

employee inside servpro van parked Manhasset homeowners know to call SERVPRO for flood damage mitigation and rescue of possessions

SERVPRO Provides Round the Clock Flood Restoration for the Manhasset Region

The New York City Metropolitan area covers a vast strip of the eastern coast with Manhasset, of Nassau County, being incorporated into the region. The hamlet of Manhasset is among a collection of small towns that make up the northern border of Long Island. Widely regarded as a bedroom community, this little set of villages offers close transportation links to New York City while maintaining a quieter residential feel. The region's population first began to experience rapid growth with the arrival of the Long Island railway service in 1898. The infrastructure connecting Long Island to inner New York was essential to the rising population. However, the trading outpost's importance during the industrial revolution also saw a diverse mixture of people come to settle on the northern coast of Long Island. The region has become popular in modern culture, with many films and books set along the gold coast, an affluent part of the East Coast that offers unique post-modern architecture and prestigious residents.

The gold coast region was a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous during the twentieth century. The convenience afforded by proximity to the city resulted in significant land investment that has since made up some of Manhasset's neighborhoods and villages. Munsey Park was owned by newspaper editor Frank A. Munsey who purchased over 663 acres of grounds in and around Manhasset. His death, and lack of heirs, meant that the Munsey Estate passed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Other wealthy landowners in the region include the Vanderbilts, who owned an estate of 100 acres. Much like Munsey Park, many of these grounds were redeveloped or turned into smaller communities and villages. The names these regions carry is a testament to the original owners of the vast swathes of land on the northern shore of Long Island. Other neighborhoods include North Hills, owned by New York Herald Publisher John Hay Whitney, Flower Hill, and Greentree. Some gold coast estates are still intact today, with nearly a quarter of Manhasset lands remaining under private ownership.

  • The building of the Long Island railway was an essential piece of infrastructure to the town's growth. The distance from Manhasset to Manhattan is roughly 19.5 miles. The Long Island Railroad takes around thirty minutes to reach Manhattan. The railway's arrival led to many publishers, bankers, and celebrities moving to the North Shore of Long Island.
  • The gold coast is a moniker describing the vast estates that were common on Long Island. In the early twentieth century, successful business people and traders would construct holiday estates that sometimes stretched over 600 acres. Today, regular gold coast mansion tours can be taken by boat from Manhasset Bay.
  • The Americana Manhasset is an alfresco shopping center that was initially built in the fifties. As the neighborhoods have developed, this shopping center has become famous for its sale of premium goods. Current occupants and retail outlets of Long Island's Miracle Mile include Ralph Lauren, Prada, Chanel, and Georgio Armani.

Visiting Manhasset and the Gold Coast

The North Shore of Long Island is world-renowned for its wealth and lavish properties. The Gold Coast resulted from the vast amounts of wealth produced by the second industrial revolution in 1890, often referred to as the gilded era. During this period, over five hundred mansions were erected along the gold coast.

  • The Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve and the Nassau County Museum of Art were formerly gold coast mansions owned by Marshall Field and Henry Clay Frick. The two owners had wealth in US steel companies and department stores.
  • Other stunning mansions in the region include the Planting Fields Arboretum State Historical Park and The Sand Points Preserve. Many of these iconic builds allow public access through the grounds and for tours.
  • At one point, the Vanderbilt family-owned over 400 acres of land along the Northern Shore of Long Island. On 180 Little Neck Road is the Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium, built in the Spanish revival style that is commonplace in this area.
  • Beaches in the area are well renowned for their pristine sands and fishing opportunities. Among the highlights is the Daniel R. Davis Preserve on Mount Sinai-Coram Road and Cedar Beach. Manhasset Bay also features a stunning promenade with restaurants, water taxis, and bars lining the waterfront.

SERVPRO Can Help Manhasset Resident Recover their Home and Belongings after Flooding

Flooding can be the result of extreme weather conditions or internal plumbing issues. The consequence of flooding can be dramatic, with large bodies of water affected both the structural integrity of your home as well as its contents and fixtures. To prevent damages associated with flooding, it is essential to contact a professional restoration service as quickly as possible. The impact of water exposure becomes more extreme the longer that your home is exposed. SERVPRO operates a twenty-four-hour restoration service that focuses on reducing losses caused by water damage and recovering salvageable items. Our teamwork quickly from the moment they arrive to assess your home and ensure that it remains safe and secure. If you are to relocate temporarily due to flooding, our crew chiefs can stay in contact with you throughout service to minimize stress and inconvenience.

  • Technicians can secure your property after flooding by boarding up broken windows and doors or fitting water-proof tarpaulins over damaged roofing. We can guard your home throughout the restoration.
  • Water mitigation focuses on reducing the typical losses associated with water damage. Our team uses advanced drying techniques alongside industrial extraction equipment to ensure that losses are kept to a minimum.
  • Regular pre-testing and monitoring ensure that the restoration method is as efficient as possible. Reducing the time it takes to dry the home can minimize inconvenience and secondary damages like mold growth.

A flooded property can be hazardous and cause extensive damage to your possessions and fittings. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 469-3937 for assistance.

Boat Tours to Manhasset Lighthouse Resume this January

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

green van, brick building behind, ladders on vehicle SERVPRO is your beacon for commercial water removal in Manhasset

Tours to the Stepping Stone Lighthouse to Experience a Unique Piece of Manhasset History

The Stepping Stone Lighthouse on Manhasset Bay first opened in 1877 and is a fantastic example of the Victorian architecture that was once common-place on the North Shore. The lighthouse, which sits between Great Neck and City Island, is opening up for public tours for the first time, with members of the Long Island Historical Society providing an in-depth explanation and account of its history. Tours leave from the Stepping Stone pier and provide glimpses of the famous Gold Coast Mansions that are a feature of the region. Each time lasts around seventy-five minutes, covering King's Point, Forts Skyler, and Totten before passing by the famous lighthouse. Efforts to restore the structure are underway, with the estimated restoration costs expected to be around $4 million.

The tour services are run non-profit by the Long Island Historical Society.

Departures are available both morning and afternoon.

Fundraising for restorations is being gathered through sponsorship and local government efforts.

A water intrusion event can have a lasting impact on your property. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516)494-3869.

Take a Water Taxi From Port Washington For Unforgettable Winter Views of Manhasset Bay.

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

a water taxi traveling through the water SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the sights on Manhasset Bay!

Manhasset Bay is an Idyllic Marina and Boardwalk, Which is Best-Viewed by Water Taxi.

The Port Washington Water Taxi was set up nearly 20 years ago by local Matt Meyran. The laid back ambiance of viewing the bay from the water has proven to be a massive hit with tourists and residents who, surprisingly, do not often go on the water. The trip runs from 8 am till midnight during the weekend and until 10 pm on weekdays. Tours can last anywhere from fifteen to ninety minutes long and are available through December and January. Highlights include wildlife, which provides for Dolphins, Turtles, and Osprey. Equally impressive are the views of the Execution LightHouse. Water Taxi passengers can even stay the night at the lighthouse, which starts at 300 dollars per room. 

  • The Execution Rocks Lighthouse is registered as a historically significant structure and is undergoing restoration works.
  • The City Island Restaurant Tour takes passengers from Manhasset Bay to City Island for a unique dining experience.
  • For views of the Gold Coast and its influence on writer Fitzgerald the Great Gatsby Tour is available by boat throughout December.

Property fires can occur by leaving a stove unattended or due to appliance malfunctions. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600 for expert restoration of your home and contents.

Manhassett Residents Prepare for Season's Festivities this Winter with the Nutcracker Ballet.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

a picture of characters from the nutcracker It will be exciting to see the community enjoying the amazing performances this December!

Ballet Long Island is Putting Together a Festive Treat for Manhassett Residents for Two Nights this December.

As far as festive occasions go, the Nutcracker Ballet comes in high on any list. The magical experience created by Marius Petipa and enacted to a score from Tchaikovsky is reimagined this winter by Ballet Long Island. The two-night event takes place on the weekend of December 18th on Pond Road. Evening shows and Matinees are available for residents of Manhassett who want to enjoy this iconic Christmas-themed ballet. The ballet is suitable for all ages, with concessions available for senior citizens and kids. Tickets are booked in advance by calling (631) 737-1964 or through the box office of the Ballet Long Island building on Pond Road. 

  • The professional ballet company was founded in 1985 and continues to deliver affordable ballet for residents of Manhassett and broader Long Island.
  • Arts in the education program are a core part of Ballet Long Island's mission statement, with apprentice and trainee programs available for aspiring dancers. 
  • Much of the income is through donations and membership, more details of which can be found on their site.

Controlling losses after water intrusion can help you to recover your home quicker with less expense. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600.

Mold Infestations Can Damage the Home of Great Neck Residents.

12/13/2020 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall Mold infestations can quickly spread. Contact team SERVPRO at the first sign to root out the cause and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO of Greatneck / Port Washington Can Provide Expert Advice and Guidance on Remediating your Home from Mold Infestation.

On the Southeast of New York State is Great Neck, a small town on Long Island. The island is home to some of the most prominent business leaders, thinkers, and writers in the United States. The Gold Coast Mansions are a regular tourist attraction alongside the boardwalks, wineries, and, of course, the Long Island Iced Tea, which has a heritage dating back to prohibition America. The island expands over 100 miles along the coast and comprises four counties: Sussex, Nassau, Kings, and Queens. Great Neck is situated in Nassau County, which has 1,339,532 residents. Great Neck itself is a smaller village community of under 10,000 people. Despite its small size, the town is affectionately known as the 'old village,' which has a rich history and heritage. The proximity of Great Neck to New York City makes it an ideal suburban getaway for those moving out of the big city. 

While Great Neck has few tourist destinations than its neighbors, there remains a rich history with some buildings like the Saddle Rock Grist Mill dating back to the 18th century and listed with the Register of Historic Places. Crampton Avenue, the Wychwood Apartments, and Barstow Road are fantastic architectural examples of modernist, art-deco design during the pre-war boom in the early twentieth century. Kings Point represented the more affluent Great Neck region and was immortalized in Scott Fitzgerald's seminal novel The Great Gatsby. This region is also home to the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) and Kings Point LightHouse. Typically training for US servicemen and women covers marine engineering, maritime law, international customs, and many other disciplines available for the USMMA's Midshipmen.

Great Neck's two high schools are among the top 100 in the United States. The Great Neck North High School was commemorated after John L. Miller, a Havard Doctorate who was a distinguished superintendent for the Great Neck School system. After serving the school system for 28 years, the North High School was renamed in his honor and has carried his name from 1970 onwards. The building was constructed in 1926 on Polo Road and is a shining example of the Collegiate Gothic style in vogue during the early twentieth century. Architects Guilbert and Betelle designed Great Neck North alongside hundreds of municipal buildings in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Gifted students are frequently picked up by the Intel innovation program, while famous alumni include Nobel prizewinner David Baltimore and screenplay writer David Seidler. 

  • The village of Great Neck has a diverse community of people with wealthy residents situated in the North at Kings Point but pulls many families from all over the US and the world thanks to its excellent public school system.
  • The Gold Coast Arts Center on Middle Neck Road is a not-for-profit organization that runs international film festivals, performances, an art gallery, and educational outreach. The organization has strong ties with Great Neck Village alternative schools and supports art in education programs throughout the year. 
  • Great Neck Plaza on Bond Street is a downtown shopping district with over 250 shops and restaurants catering to boutique tastes and fine-dining experiences. The plaza was created as far back as 1930 and is close to Long Island Railroad's Great Neck Station. The proximity to the rail station gave the plaza a reputation for boutique, upscale and diverse products.
  • Walter Chrysler of the automotive industry initially owned steppingstone Park. The 12.8-acre public park has docks for boating, picnic areas as well as a selection of gardens. During the summer months, Steppingstone plays host to music concerts that cover popular music, philharmonic orchestras, jazz, and theater production.

Commuting from Great Neck

  • Great Neck is connected to New York and New Jersey via the Long Island Railroad, which carries 354,800 passengers weekly. The rail system was initially set up as early as the nineteenth century.
  • The average commute time from Great Neck to Manhattan is between 25 and 35 minutes. The four counties of Long Island are connected by the Inter-county express, which allows fast transport between Great Neck and Queens.
  • Great Neck Station is on Middle Neck Road, serves the Port Washington Branch, and has been running in its current incarnation since 1898. Fitzgerald referenced the station as West Egg in The Great Gatsby.

How Can SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington Help Remediate your Home from Mold Growth.

Microbial organisms thrive in warm indoor environments. Microscopic spores can quickly reproduce under moisture and spread from one area of the home to another. Many methods for remediating mold issues involve aggressive agitation that aims to detach the hyphae- small parts of the organism that penetrate surfaces- from the material. In some situations, aggressive agitation can lead to microscopic mold spores becoming airborne. These airborne spores are microscopic and can spread throughout the home while remaining invisible to the naked eye. When clearing a house with mold, it is vital to set up professional containment in the affected area to control the problem's source. SERVPRO technicians have expertise in analyzing and remediating moldy materials to prevent cross-contamination. 

  • Our technicians can cordon off areas of the home using plastic sheeting. These areas can allow for decontamination of equipment, clothing, and personnel during the restoration process. 
  • Negative air pressure machines can be used in an indoor environment to capture any airborne spores resulting from sand or soda blasting. These filter microscopic spores from the indoor climate and prevent spreading. 
  • Any infested materials can be double sealed in biohazard waste bags for disposal at a designated waste facility once your home is correctly remediated. We can remove any non-salvageable materials and replace them with clean building assembly.

Containing mold during remediation is essential to the proper removal and remediation of the issue. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600.