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What Do Water Mitigation Services for a Manhasset Home Entail?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling leak Don't let a ceiling leak in your Manhasset home upset you, just call SERVPRO

Manhasset Homeowners Should Expect Industry-Grade Equipment for their Water Remediation Needs

Water damage restoration services are not one-size-fits-all. Even though the basic steps involving water cleanup and water removal services are common to all water damage repairs, each situation warrants a plan tailored to its needs. Enlisting the help of a certified water restoration crew is the first step to a successful intervention.

Your certified water mitigation crew in Manhasset is available by calling SERVPRO and inviting its staff into your home. Our training and experience prepare us to handle damage due to a recent burst pipe or ceiling leak or tackle water damage repairs from erosion over time. Whatever the case is in your home, we offer the latest equipment and techniques recommended by the restoration industry best practices.

It is not uncommon for SERVPRO clients to find themselves in difficult situations because they failed to recognize the early warning signs of water damage. Aside from the evident presence of a leak or puddle, other telltale signs point to excess humidity. Some of those signs might include-

  • Musty odor which you detect as you enter your home or inside closets or bedrooms
  • Buckling or cupping of your hardwood floors which expand when air moisture levels fluctuate beyond normal readings
  • Bubbling or brown spots on ceilings might indicate an attic leak and a higher concentration of humidity
  • An inexplicably elevated water bill can also point to a consistent and long-lasting water leak that needs attention

SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington provides water removal services and helps you sort through any necessary water damage repairs. Call us at (516) 767-9600 and invite us to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Heavy Storms May Cause Flood Damage to Great Neck Homes

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

owner/operator servpro with truck Need help with flooding in Great Neck? Here is Dan the owner/operator of your local SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Basement Flooding in Great Neck from Stormwater Can Bring Significant Problems to Homeowner

The past few years have shown Great Neck residents that storms can wreak havoc when you least expect it. Even some unsuspecting rains can become the culprit behind basement flooding or window leaks, leaving your home exposed to the elements and the consequences of water damage. To assess your home's damage and make a sensible water clean-up plan, contact a professional water restoration team.

SERVPRO serves the Great Neck community facing flood damage with the latest in water restoration equipment and techniques. Our trained staff handles tough situations where access and timing may be of concern, and we work around the clock to improve our response time. Upon arrival, our team inspects your property and verifies the site's safety while identifying problem areas and potential threats. We develop an action plan targeted to your needs with facts and data and include removing debris, water extraction, drying, and disinfection.

Fast Negative Effects of Flooding

Our SERVPRO clients often show surprise by how quickly stormwater and excess humidity allow a musty smell to settle upon their homes. As part of our process, we tackle the deodorizing of your property with agents that go well beyond masking the odor. Instead, we seek to kill and neutralize smell particles by using equipment such as ozone machines, hydroxyl generators, foggers, and air scrubbers. 

SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington is your team of allies when the weather strikes and brings danger into your home. Call us at (516) 767-9600 and let our experts give you the best the water restoration industry has to offer. Whether you need sewage cleanup or water damage repairs, we are here to help.

Great Neck Homes are Susceptible to Water Damage

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van with driver Help has arrived--The SERVPRO Team is ready to cleanup water damage in Great Neck

For Water Restoration in the Great Neck Area, SERVPRO is Ready to Help

Water restoration in a Great Neck home sounds like a long, tedious project, but that isn’t always the case. Homes of all ages and sizes can suffer water damage thanks to a ceiling leak, a burst pipe, or a broken appliance. Regardless of the origin of your problem, delegating the water damage repairs to a professional team is always sound advice.

The professional water restoration team in Great Neck, ready and equipped to handle emergencies of all sizes, is SERVPRO. Our technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), an independent entity that sets standards in the restoration industry. Our training, along with our field experience, sets us apart and prepares us to handle water emergencies of all sizes.

Many homeowners wonder if water removal is something they can handle on their own, and some well-intentioned ones go as far as renting equipment for water extraction. 

Although removing standing water is a pivotal step in the process, it is not the only one, and you may risk leaving risk factors unresolved, which can later escalate into problems like mold. 

To avoid those complications, SERVPRO takes a multi-pronged approach to water damage remediation, including-

  • Water extraction- specialized equipment to remove the water, such as pumps, help us get rid of excess water in your home and belongings. If the volume warrants it, we can even connect to local sewers to dispose of it.
  • Monitoring- tools like infrared moisture meters inform us of our progress and keep us working until target measurements are achieved. Our highly sensitive equipment takes out the guesswork from what we do and bases our decisions on sound scientific principles.
  • Drying- water removal does not necessarily imply that humidity levels are back to normal. We use dehumidifiers, air movers, and desiccants until the job is done to finish drying your property.  

Contacting SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington at (516) 767-9600 is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Let our team of experts help you in your time of need and work for you until your home looks "Like it never even happened."

Mold Found in Great Neck Restaurant’s Wine Cellar

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

wine in holders on a wall Mold spreads quickly if the environment is humid. Don’t let a mold infestation damage the wines in your restaurant’s cellar. Contact team SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Has Experienced Mold Remediation Specialists Who Can Provide Mold Remediation in Great Neck

Mold in an eatery can be disastrous. In a wine cellar, it can quickly spread to the labels and corks of the wine bottles. This means a loss of business and inventory if left untreated.

Can SERVPRO Stop the Spread of Mold?

If you have discovered mold in your restaurant’s wine cellar or other storage area of your establishment, it should have you heading to the phone immediately. You want a professional mold remediation company in Great Neck with the training and experience to deal with the problem. Our technicians have all of that, plus the right tools to remove the mold safely. Keep in mind; there are mold spores everywhere, so mold can never get removed 100%. What we can remove is the environment that fosters fungal growth. Our mold remediation process can include:

  • Non-porous material – Material such as metal, glass, and plastic are considered non-porous and can usually be cleaned. If the surface is dry, we use HEPA vacuuming. Damp wiping with a cleaning solution gets used if the above is not appropriate.
  • Porous material – Drywall, carpet, fabric, or insulation are examples of this. If mold has developed on them, they need to be removed and disposed of properly.
  • Semi-porous – Concrete and wood are semi-porous. Wire brushing, damp wiping, and other abrasive methods are used to clean impacted surfaces.

If you need help with mold removal or black mold damage repairs, contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600.

Can Documents & Books Be Salvaged After Burst Pipes Flood a Home Office in Manhasset?

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

an office with papers on a desk When a burst pipe situation occurs in your home office, any time delay becomes an issue. Contact our certified SERVPRO team for remediation.

SERVPRO’s Documentation Restoration Experts Can Often Restore Important Documents with Unique Water Removal Techniques in Manhasset

When burst pipes send gallons of water flowing into a Manhasset home office, books and papers can become waterlogged. Most people think everything of this nature is ruined and unsalvageable.

Does Everything Wet Need to be Thrown Out?

Immediate water removal is necessary in order to save as much as possible. The assumption that documents and papers must be thrown out when saturated is a false one. SERVPRO can often restore the following content:

  • Books & magazines
  • Photographs – film, microfiche, and negatives
  • Maps & blueprints
  • Paper documents
  • Parchment
  • X-rays

Restoring Your Memories & Important Documents

When a water intrusion occurs, it is not just ordinary papers that can become wet. It is your memories, work information, or vital documents such as birth and marriage certificates. Our IICRC technicians employ the required steps to restore mementos and essential documents. This can include the following process:

  • Evaluating the items and ascertaining the correct cleaning methods
  • Vacuum freeze-drying can be done immediately to prevent further damage. 
  • Gamma irradiation for sterilization if needed.
  • Air drying and dehumidification.
  • Using a computerized inventory system to digitize documents.
  • Deodorizing, rejacketing, and other specialty procedures.

Please keep in mind, pictures and papers are never restored to preloss condition. There will be evidence of water damage such as staining, but they can be saved many times. Contact SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington at (516) 767-9600 for water damage remediation. 

Are SERVPRO Techs Trained to Deal with Storm Damage in Manhasset?

6/13/2021 (Permalink)

people standing in rubber boots to avoid the water covering the floor Flooding can bring many inches of water into your home. Contact SERVPRO for a custom plan of flood damage remediation that will work for you.

Our Techs Have the Proper Training to Mitigate Flood Damage in Manhasset

Seasonal storms bring heavy rain, strong winds, and severe flooding to New York cities and towns. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to mitigate the havoc caused by heavy storms.

SERVPRO Technicians Go Through Extensive Training

To provide the proper flood damage mitigation in Manhasset, our techs undergo several levels of intense training. They can scope a scene and put together a plan of action quickly. Our Green Team undergo the following:

  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification – This certification is earned by training that all cleaning and restoration companies should undergo. 
  • Initial Franchise Training – Provides the needed experience through hands-on training.
  • Employee Certification Training – Upholstery cleaning, water restoration techniques, and carpet cleaning are taught during this course.
  • Continuing Education & E-Learning – Our staff undergoes ongoing training to stay on top of the latest technology and advanced restoration and cleaning methods.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services

Whenever floodwaters enter a home, there are immediate risks to individuals, the structure, and the content. Floodwater is considered a Level III contaminated water, or black water, and is filled with everything from dead bodies to harmful bacteria. Our flood restoration services include:

  • Emergency services – water damage safety comes first
  • Tarping a leaking roof from storms
  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water damage repairs

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington can provide everything you need to restore your home after a flood hits. Contact us at (516) 767-9600 for more information.

We Are Available 24/7 In Manhasset For All Your Restoration Needs

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Adequate restoration services for fire damage are unacceptable. SERVPRO will have your home back to preloss condition A.S.A.P., call now for the help

Move-Out Procedures Used To Tackle Fire Damage In Your Manhasset Home

Dealing with fire on your Manhasset property can be grueling for anyone. However, it is a time that you should be worrying about your family, not about whether or not your restoration company can supply you with adequate services. You want to work with a company that helps make the entire process successful and far less stressful. 

On occasion, fire damage in your Manhasset area home can be severe enough to warrant moving contents to a safe, clean, controlled environment. The primary tasks involved in a move-out procedure performed by our team fall into six phases. We communicate clearly and consistently throughout the process, helping you understand each phase. 

SERVPRO technicians conduct an initial scope and estimate to determine the production staff and supplies required to complete the move-out process. The scope also assists in reaching an agreement between all parties (Insurance Adjuster, Restorer, and You) about what should happen to restore specific items.

At SERVPRO, the most time-consuming part of any move-out involves hours spent inventorying, packing, and moving contents to a warehouse or storage area. We use an organized approach during this phase to help with efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Our team sorts items into two distinct categories during the packing and inventory process;

  • Clean Items - Restorable contents that require cleaning and return packaging.
  • Claim Items - Contents that are not restorable, often replaced by insurance.
  • Movers and packers take precautions against causing additional fire damage while moving contents from your home to the storage facility. There are specific packing procedures for transporting lamps and shades, glass shelves, mattresses, pictures, paintings, dishware, and essential documents.

Once at the storage facility, SERVPRO teams clean, deodorize, and restore move-out items using an orderly assembly-line approach. Each item receives significant attention and a unique solution depending on the type of material and amount of exposure.

After cleaning and inspecting move-out contents, we make arrangements to return items after completing any construction and restoration services on the structure. We make every effort to accomplish these tasks in a timely, efficient manner, allowing you to return to your home as soon as possible. 

Call SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to access full-service fire damage solutions throughout the area. (516) 767-9600

Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Mitigation with Rapid Removal and Drying

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe A burst pipe in your home will cause havoc if not recognized quickly enough. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size water damage job.

When Water Damage Hits Your Great Neck Home -- Do This!

Not all water damage is catastrophic, but any excess moisture in your home can lead to many types of problems if not dealt with quickly. A water line leak in an upstairs bathroom, even if stopped right away, can lead to wet carpet in the hallway or nearby bedroom. Even worse, water seeping down into the first-floor ceiling.

If you find yourself with any type of water damage in Great Neck, no matter how minor or significant, the professionals at SERVPRO are here to help restore your home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. It is not always as simple as soaking up the spilled water with a towel. 

If the water came from a water line, it is most likely clear, clean water needing removal. If the water is gray or black, in cases of contaminated water coming from a toilet overflow, the cleanup is different. Carpet and padding are removed in situations with contamination.

In most instances like this, with a clean water spill, you do not have to lose your carpet. In-place drying is an option, as long as there is no structural damage and no evidence of mold growth. In-place drying is ideal because there's less disruption to the home, and the carpet does not need to be completely pulled up. Some furniture may be relocated to a dry area or wax paper or blocks of wood or styrene placed under the legs.

The first step to drying the carpet is extracting all excess water. A truck mount extractor has the required strength to pull the most water out of your carpet and pads for large volumes of liquid. Typically, portable extractors and vacuums can capture most of the errant water. After extraction, technicians check the padding by gently pulling up a corner of the carpet to confirm no moisture. If they find moisture, they continue to pass over the wet areas. Monitoring to achieve the drying goals of the fibers is achieved with moisture meters and Thermo hygrometers. 

Even minimal water leaks create excess moisture in the air. SERVPRO technicians, following IICRC guidelines and best practices, make sure the ambient moisture in your home is between forty to fifty percent through the use of our state-of-the-art equipment. Air movers ensure quicker water evaporation while our dehumidifiers condense water vapors to bring the ambient moisture down to optimal levels.

SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington is here to assist you with water damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (516) 767 -7600, so our team can make it, "Like it never even happened."

Does SERVPRO Complete Mold Inspections, Remediation, and Removal in Great Neck?

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage on concrete wall Mold remediation by SERVPRO is second to none. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all phases of mold remediation, from start to finish.

Can SERVPRO Remove Black Mold from Attics in Great Neck Commercial Buildings?

Mold spores can be found everywhere, and they thrive in dark warm areas with moisture present and organic food sources. Often, older commercial buildings will experience small leaks in the roof, allowing moisture to enter attics and other unknown spaces unknown to the owner. These areas are a prime area for mold infestations to occur.

SERVPRO provides mold remediation services in commercial properties in the Great Neck area. If you notice a strong, musty odor, there is a good chance that a mold colony is thriving somewhere in your building. All mold, whether it is black or some other color, can cause health effects.

If you notice a musty odor or observe mold, call SERVPRO immediately. We can dispatch our team in less than 4 hours, 24/7, and complete a mold inspection. Once we have observed the mold colony, our team can develop a plan for mold removal. Mold is easily removed from hard nonporous surfaces; however, the mold may have penetrated porous materials, which must be removed.

SERVPRO can help commercial companies manage:

  • Mold inspections
  • Mold removal
  • Black mold damage repairs.

Call SERVPRO of Great Neck / Port Washington for mold remediation in Great Neck and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (516) 767-9600.

Floodwater can Cause Permanent Damage to your Great Neck Home

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

asbestos warning tape--red Surprise asbestos abatement may complicate flood and water damage cleanup and removal in Great Neck--SERVPRO can help

Call SERVPRO Immediately for Emergency Services Following Storm Damage to your Home in Great Neck

People typically look forward to the spring and summer months when flowers bloom, and we can enjoy outdoor activities. Sometimes, however, storms and showers threaten to ruin our leisure time by partially flooding our homes in Great Neck and leaving a trail of debris in their wake. 

For flood restoration and water damage remediation, SERVPRO is your best resource.

Flood damage in Great Neck does not have to be overwhelming when you call upon our team of experts. SERVPRO focuses on continuously educating our staff, bringing the latest in water removal services to you. When floodwaters are the issue, we take as many precautions as we would for sewage cleanup jobs. Personal protective equipment and physical barriers established throughout your home help us avoid cross-contamination and the corresponding water damage escalation. Some of the hazards we assess upon arriving at your home include-

  • Structural hazards result from prolonged exposure to water which may weaken the integrity of your home. Particleboard and drywall are susceptible to water, but so are other structural elements, including the home’s foundation.
  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead-based paint can be present in some dwellings. At SERVPRO, we coordinate with any necessary parties to mitigate the hazard and abide by environmental guidelines and regulations.
  • Chemical hazards can also be present thanks to floodwater itself or the water restoration process's cleaning solutions.

SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington is here to help with emergency services when there is water damage. Call us at (516) 767-9600 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”