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Living Room Ceiling Water Damage

Soaked Ceiling Tiles From Broken Pipe

Older house water damage.Homeowner experienced a pipe leak in the ceiling, which created her drop down ceiling tiles to warp and soak, before spreading to other ceiling areas and walls.Our team came in immediately and removed all wet tiles and wood and placed down drying equipment.#teamluzzi #teamwork #waterremediation #waterloss

Homeowners in Great Neck Use SERVPRO

SERVPRO services give a homeowner in Great Neck access to IICRC-certified technicians to address home water damage. We remove exposed drywall and use air movers, hand-held water extractors, and our 250 MAX Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.

SERVPRO Storm Services In Great Neck

After a storm, a basement flood in a Great Neck home required the removal of all damaged building materials. SERVPRO technicians expose framing and structural materials and perform drying services using air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extractors before completing the restoration.

SERVPRO Tackles Water Damage in Great Neck

SERVPRO responds to a call to address water damage in an office building in Great Neck. Technicians remove a portion of drywall and place dehumidifiers after extracting water to ensure the removal of all excess moisture.

Commercial Storm Damage - Glen Cove, NY

This assisted living facility suffered water damage after a particularly heavy rainstorm we had in the spring, as the roof was under construction and not able to withstand the amount and force of water.  Multiple visits were needed as additional damage occurred after more water events.

Kitchen Fires Always a Danger

The NFPA reports that ranges or cooktops, with or without ovens, accounted for "the majority (62%) of home cooking fire incidents and even larger shares of civilian deaths (88%.) Unattended cooking was by far the leading contributing factor".  Don't get distracted when the oven and stove is on - set a timer to remind yourself to check in.

Sometimes You Go Low to Get Dry

When water hits your carpet, you may think when the surface is dry you are in the clear, but that is not always the case!  Padding and the subfloor can trap and hold water.

Water Flooded Crawl Space

Water in a crawlspace with a concrete slab, which we successfully restored after extraction and drying.  This project is typical of many jobs we do involving water, be it from broken pipes, rainwater, or coastal flooding.

Flooded Retailer Warehouse

The warehouse area of this famous national retailer flooded multiple times - on this occasion, water once again entered the stockroom, putting inventory at risk for being damaged because some items were not shelved.  SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington was called in to restore.

Flooded Grocery Store

This former Waldbaums site had a difficult situation, where water flooded the interior, covering thousands of square feet.  SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington was called in, and we successfully did the mitigation and clean up.  

Childcare Service Disrupted By Water Damage

This structure received multiple floors of water damage due to water entering from the roof.  The childcare center was greatly affected, and required extensive mitigation before it was ready to reopen it's doors. 

Mold Under Flooring

This home experienced extensive mold growth beneath their engineered vinyl flooring material.  SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington was able to clean the air and surfaces with EPA approved environmentally friendly antimicrobial agents.  The flooring will have to be replaced as the mold is all through it.  

Mold From Leaking Pipes Affects Insulation on Long Island, NY

This home had copper pipes within the walls spring a leak that caused mold to grow.  It affected not only drywall and surrounding materials but the insulation of the home which had to be removed and replaced once remediated.

Mold from Leaking Pipes

Leaking copper pipes in a wall left these homeowners with a case of mold.  Once walls were opened the problem was more readily seen - it was cleaned and restored to it's pre-mold condition.

Hosptial Fire Disrupts Operations - Long Island, NY

A hospital fire like this recent one that occurred on Long Island can be a major disruption in the facility's ability to treat emergency and admitted patients effectively.  Not only can treatment rooms be damaged and destroyed, so can offices, records and sensitive electronic equipment. SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington is proud to have been chosen to do the remediation.  

House Fire - Port Washington, NY - Long Island

Fires are absolutely tragic - but when everyone survives, we rejoice!  Things can be replaced, and homes can be restored.  This house fire affected the bedrooms including a child's bedroom. SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington was happy to do the post fire cleanup to help bring this LI family back home.   

Superstorm Flood Damage - Long Island, NY

Superstorm Sandy created situations like this one all up and down the eastern seaboard of Long Island.  We worked on countless structures, including this one.  Homes and buildings had to be gutted to the studs - or torn down altogether if left structurally unsound.  

Hurricane Storm Damage - Long Island, NY

Hurricane Sandy rolled through Long Island, flooding countless homes and businesses.  Once the waters receded, many buildings looked just like this - waterlogged, dirty and damp with destroyed electrical and mechanical systems.  Raw sewage was in the floodwaters along with other contaminants.

Storm Damage in Long Beach, NY

When Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island, hundreds of homes were flooded just like this one.  All porous building materials need to be removed and replaced - SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington's team removed flooring and drywall over the high water mark, dried and cleaned the structure.

Hurricane Water Damage - Long Island, NY

Hurricanes on Long Island can create lots of water damage - this home had several inches of standing water after Hurricane Irene struck.  If you are in an area prone to water intrusion, make sure that your valuables and irreplaceable items and documents are in a water safe zone.  

Commercial Kitchen Mold Issue - Long Island, NY

This kitchen was discovered to have substantial mold damage caused by water leaks in the plumbing to the sinks.  This job was done in a rapid turnaround - mold mitigated and kitchen put back together for the next round of cooking lessons.

Water in your warehouse? Call SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington!

Coming in to discover that your commercial warehouse has flooded overnight is never a good thing.  In an instant your rows of shiny new merchandise and inventory can be ruined - at the very least affecting the packaging. This tidy warehouse for a national retail store unfortunately had neatly stacked cartons at the end of each shelf that were all affected by water.

Improperly done egress windows can cause mold

Basements that have been finished must be monitored for excessive moisture - in this home the moisture was hidden behind the wall under an egress window. The wood studs, paper covered sheetrock reacted to the moisture levels that were not drying, and mold growth began.  Remove the moisture and remove the ability for mold to grow - in this case, requiring the drainage outside the window to be redone.

How does water get into my house?

Do you see the access point of water in this photo?  Where the brick pavers meet the wall of the house, there is missing brick mortar - this little bit of missing mortar allows water from rain and irrigation systems to run into the home, behind a wall - causing mold damage in the basement.  Seal the HOUSE brickwork, not the pavers.  Your sidewalk and patio pavers should have been installed with a self draining system of gravel and sand.  Seek out the areas INSIDE your house that have evidence of water, sand or dirt and seal from the inside as well.

Mold will spread and grow when ignored

Mold is a tricky thing - it often grows silently and unseen, and at times is visible but seems innocuous - until it isn't.  Mold poses respiratory and skin health problems and should be professionally remediated to ensure the safety of your family and home.

What happens if you leave wet carpet on wood floors - Mold!

When wet carpet sits on wood floors long enough, mold will grow to the point where it can permanently damage the wood.  We recommend extraction of the water first, then either drying of the carpet if it is worth saving - or discarding it.  Why extract water if you are discarding?  Weight!  Wet carpet weighs a lot more than dry carpet, making it more difficult and sloppy for the person/people tasked with the removal.

Get your Contents Out of Water

Cardboard boxes are handy and convenient, and tend to be used frequently for storing stuff - we all have lots of stuff.  But when the head to the basement, trouble can ensue - as moisture + cardboard = opportunities and food sources for mold to grow.  Store your items in plastic totes with lids, and ditch the cardboard.  If your cardboard boxes get wet, empty the box, dry out the contents 100%, then replace with a plastic container and toss the water damaged box, even if it appears to have dried.

Electrical Panel Fire Source

This family was very lucky to have survived an unexpected fire from a relatively new electrical panel.  Insure that this does not happen to you - use a reputable and licensed electrical contractor for any electrical work.  

Fire Damage - Long Island, NY

This residence suffered a traumatic fire in the month of April, causing extensive damage.  Originating in the kitchen, it quickly ran up the cabinetry and caused damage to the floor above as well.  

Fire Soot Damage - Long Island, NY

This residence suffered a fire, but more than the structural damage we found extensive soot damage in every room blanketing the floor, furnishings and contents.  SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington sent in a trained team that cleaned and restored this home and contents, "like it never even happened."  

Medical Office - Water Damage - Bronx, NY

This Bronx, NY medical office suffered a large water damage throughout.  SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington was able to remove all the water, dry out the building and restore to previous condition - steps taken will make sure that mold will not grow later as a result.

Commercial Mold Remediation - Brooklyn, NY

This commercial building had mold in multiple areas requiring remediation and cleanup.  A team was dispatched to remove affected areas, clean and sanitize.  Once completed, the areas were ready to be recovered with drywall.

Water Damage in Industrial Buildings

We are equipped to manage your commercial water damage quickly and professionally, with minimal disruption to your business.  Time is money in industry, so we move fast to get you back to operations as usual.

Raw Sewage is a BioHazard

We see a lot of this.....  Never try to cross a basement that has been flooded with contaminated water loaded with bacteria.  It is not recommended saving contents soaked in raw sewage - expect that you will have to let it go and discard.

Mold Can Cause Illness if Left To Grow

We see all too often the repercussions when a leak is left to drip - homeowners go from a trickle to a full blown mold situation often affecting the structure, contents and air quality.                

Hoarding Situations

We have a surprising number of hoarding situations - often the revelation comes about when we arrive for a call on a fire or water damage.  We treat the clients sensitively and with respect.  Yes, that's one of our technicians standing on debris more than 3' high.                                                                            

Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

Long Island, NY.  Water damage inside of a business can be a major setback.  Having your operations interrupted, having your offices in shambles, having your inventory and stock damaged - the faster you call us at SERVPRO the faster you leave your disaster.

Laminate & Engineered Floors with Water Damage

Long Island, NY  

This water damaged basement was efficiently dried out by pulling up the laminate or engineered wood floorboards to get the moisture out quickly and avoid any additional damage or mold growth.