Water Damage Photo Gallery

Living Room Ceiling Water Damage

Soaked Ceiling Tiles From Broken Pipe

Older house water damage.Homeowner experienced a pipe leak in the ceiling, which created her drop down ceiling tiles to warp and soak, before spreading to other ceiling areas and walls.Our team came in immediately and removed all wet tiles and wood and placed down drying equipment.#teamluzzi #teamwork #waterremediation #waterloss

Sometimes You Go Low to Get Dry

When water hits your carpet, you may think when the surface is dry you are in the clear, but that is not always the case!  Padding and the subfloor can trap and hold water.

Water Flooded Crawl Space

Water in a crawlspace with a concrete slab, which we successfully restored after extraction and drying.  This project is typical of many jobs we do involving water, be it from broken pipes, rainwater, or coastal flooding.

Water in your warehouse? Call SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington!

Coming in to discover that your commercial warehouse has flooded overnight is never a good thing.  In an instant your rows of shiny new merchandise and inventory can be ruined - at the very least affecting the packaging. This tidy warehouse for a national retail store unfortunately had neatly stacked cartons at the end of each shelf that were all affected by water.

How does water get into my house?

Do you see the access point of water in this photo?  Where the brick pavers meet the wall of the house, there is missing brick mortar - this little bit of missing mortar allows water from rain and irrigation systems to run into the home, behind a wall - causing mold damage in the basement.  Seal the HOUSE brickwork, not the pavers.  Your sidewalk and patio pavers should have been installed with a self draining system of gravel and sand.  Seek out the areas INSIDE your house that have evidence of water, sand or dirt and seal from the inside as well.

Get your Contents Out of Water

Cardboard boxes are handy and convenient, and tend to be used frequently for storing stuff - we all have lots of stuff.  But when the head to the basement, trouble can ensue - as moisture + cardboard = opportunities and food sources for mold to grow.  Store your items in plastic totes with lids, and ditch the cardboard.  If your cardboard boxes get wet, empty the box, dry out the contents 100%, then replace with a plastic container and toss the water damaged box, even if it appears to have dried.

Laminate & Engineered Floors with Water Damage

Long Island, NY  

This water damaged basement was efficiently dried out by pulling up the laminate or engineered wood floorboards to get the moisture out quickly and avoid any additional damage or mold growth.