Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold From Leaking Pipes Affects Insulation on Long Island, NY

This home had copper pipes within the walls spring a leak that caused mold to grow.  It affected not only drywall and surrounding materials but the insulation of the home which had to be removed and replaced once remediated.

Commercial Kitchen Mold Issue - Long Island, NY

This kitchen was discovered to have substantial mold damage caused by water leaks in the plumbing to the sinks.  This job was done in a rapid turnaround - mold mitigated and kitchen put back together for the next round of cooking lessons.

Mold will spread and grow when ignored

Mold is a tricky thing - it often grows silently and unseen, and at times is visible but seems innocuous - until it isn't.  Mold poses respiratory and skin health problems and should be professionally remediated to ensure the safety of your family and home.

What happens if you leave wet carpet on wood floors - Mold!

When wet carpet sits on wood floors long enough, mold will grow to the point where it can permanently damage the wood.  We recommend extraction of the water first, then either drying of the carpet if it is worth saving - or discarding it.  Why extract water if you are discarding?  Weight!  Wet carpet weighs a lot more than dry carpet, making it more difficult and sloppy for the person/people tasked with the removal.