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Biohazard Testimonials

Miguel and crew were very professional & did a great job - Thanks!

SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington scored 10 out of 10 on this certificate of satisfaction upon job completion.

I just want you to know that a friend & client of mine called me at home last night with a problem. His daughter came home to her townhouse & discovered that a bird had gotten in it & left droppings all over the place. She didn't know what to do & called her father, who called me. I told them that I didn't think that she was covered under her homeowner's policy (which is not with us - I am in insurance) & might have to pay out of pocket. So, I gave them SERVPRO's number & told them to tell them to let you know that I referred them.

Her father called me just before I came to work to tell me how pleased they are with SERVPRO's service.  They said that they would be there at 9am & they were there (8 people) at 9am on the dot! They started on the 2nd floor & Robin & her father remained on the 1st. Her father told me that that they were so quiet that you would never know that there were 8 people upstairs. When he called me today, they had completed everything upstairs & were about to start downstairs.

They are so impressed with SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington that they are going to give me a letter of recommendation for you to use with Nationwide to get on our list. I'll let you know when I get it. Thank You

At a time of much stress, SERVPRO (of Great Neck/Port Washington) made us feel confident that they would restore our basement.  They inspired confidence. Highly competent staff.  

This client rated SERVPRO of Great Neck/Port Washington with 10 out of 10 on their certificate of satisfaction upon job completion.


Our Village had a residential hoarding issue that posed a serious threat to the safety of neighboring residents. The homeowner was elderly and unable to correct the situation due to a lack of resources. SERVPRO of GN/PW suggested a viable solution via a tax lien, secured the bid, and was efficient in their cleanup. Despite 6 - 30 yards dumpsters of debris, these professionals got the job done within days. Thanks to them this lifelong resident can stay in her home & the community is now safe.